Why bother?…

With what?

Caring about people.


The second piece in my Winged series — sequel to “Ascent of Man”.

This is “Descent of Man”

Ballpoint on Moleskine


22K Gold Leaf & Shell Gold

Edit: Thanks to all for the support! The third piece in the series will be coming soon :) Because I’m getting a lot of questions about it, prints of this and Ascent of Man are available from my inPrnt page here (http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/rebecca_yanovskaya/)

Happy Holidays!

I’m not just some selfish bitch, you know?”


The Clones Cosima Niehaus

 Stick to the science? What am I, the geek monkey now?


turns out a creampie isn’t a pastry and the internet is a disgusting place.

Sometimes I feel like happiness is a choice


Y o u   d o n ’ t   o w n   u s .

Hermione Reading before Bed by ~Lincevioleta

It’s all I knew when I was a child.


  T h e  L i o n   a n d   T h e   R o s e